On the 12th November 2016 we were delighted to do a Fire Extinguisher Users Training session for Wellesbourne Airfield in Warwickshire.

The training given by Mick Chambers and David Bryant was very well received by both the staff and volunteers at the airfield. There were 16 people in attendance of the training session and all were delighted with what they had learnt by the conclusion. We were able to organise this session through our engineer David Bryant, who is a member of the Preservation Group at the airfield.

The Training Session

The training session that we provided lasted for approximately 2.5 hours. By the end of the2016-11-23_1512 session the attendees were able to understand compliance with the Regulatory Reform Order, identify potential fire risks, know which extinguisher is appropriate for which type of fire, use portable extinguishers safely and understand compliance with British Standard EN3 regarding the use of fire extinguishers. All these things are definitely worth knowing, especially when operating and being around heavy machinery at an airfield!

Some Background Information

This historic airfield houses the iconic Vulcan Bomber which was originally designed to be a nuclear deterrent in the 1960’s and featured the same Rolls Royce Olympus engines found in Concorde. It was in active service for many years including its most significant appearance in the Falklands War. Unfortunately last year was the aircraft’s final flying year before it was retired in 2016. The planes are now looked after by the Vulcan XM655 Maintenance and Preservation Society based at Wellesbourne.

Last of all we would like to thank the staff and volunteers at Wellesbourne Airfield for giving us the opportunity to be able to do the training session and we hope to be of service in the future.

Fire Extinguisher Training and Fire awareness Training Courses

Morgan Fire offers fire extinguisher training and fire awareness training courses for staff and fire marshals, with optional training rig. Please contact Pauline Adams on direct line 01992 897622 or email firetraining@morganfire.co.uk for a quotation or further information.

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