At the company’s annual briefing in November 2019, Morgan Fire were delighted to welcome Robin Smith and Matt Humby from the Sentura Group, encompassing the Firechief and Fire Depot brands. The event was held at the Halsey Hall in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire.

Robin and Matt brought along product samples, and Robin’s presentation was valuable to Morgan Fire extinguisher technicians in their understanding of the products and usage.  Robin explains, ‘The Lithex fire extinguisher by Firechief is designed specifically for tackling fires involving lithium ion batteries. These fires tend to burn at high temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Celsius and they can be quite volatile too, making them very resistant to most mainstream extinguisher types. The fine mist of vermiculite and water (AVD) sprayed from the extinguisher will both cool the burning cell, and coat it with an effective thermal insulation barrier to prevent propagation of the fire. The substance is also environmentally friendly and non-toxic.’


Following the event, Garry Allen, Morgan Fire’s Senior Technician commented, “ It was an insight to see how quickly these batteries caught light and how well the extinguisher works on controlling and extinguishing the fire. Robin also explained how it worked compared to Conventional extinguishers “.


If you are interested in learning more about Lithex Fires and Extinguishers, the Firechief Youtube channel provides excellent and comprehensive videos on the topic.


Morgan Fire is amongst the largest purchasers of portable fire equipment in the UK. The company employs 25 service technicians nationally and provides maintenance contracts across the complete range of business types in both public and private sectors. With the development of electric vehicles the potential demand for the Lithex fire extinguisher in the motor industry is one to watch. Other business sectors considering Lithex are manufacturers of Battery Cells, Hobby Device companies (drones etc), Charging Stations and Formula E Racing – in fact, any industry that is using Lithium Ion battery cells.


Morgan Fire has over 30 years specialist fire protection experience. The company is BAFE registered and holds professional Indemnity Insurance of £1,000,000 and Public and Products Liability (Including Efficacy and Contractual Liability) of £5,000,000.





In addition to fire extinguisher servicing, Morgan Fire also specialises in;

Fire alarm testing

Emergency lighting

Fire risk assessments

Dry riser testing

PAT testing

Fire training

Sprinkler/suppression systems

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