Marlowe Fire & Security Group is the fire life safety and security specialist division of Marlowe plc.

Consisting of a number of established and complimentary brands, we are experts in all aspects of fire and security, life and property protection. Together, we are the UK’s fastest growing and most innovative consortium of fire life safety and security service providers.

Our Brands

Individually, these businesses are leaders in their fields but together form a group that can provide our customers with a comprehensive and integrated approach to their safety, regulatory compliance and the upkeep of the building systems they rely on.

That means more convenience, better across the board compliance, greater consistency and the benefits of a trusted in-depth relationship.

More importantly, our size, range and extensive national footprint gives our customers the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they can rely on Marlowe Fire & Security Group to deliver those mission critical services that are so vital to them every day of the year in every part of the UK.

Operating 24/7, across the whole of the UK, we work with clients of all sizes to provide end-to-end fire and security solutions across all sectors to ensure your safety, security and compliance.

Our capabilities include: assessing fire risk, testing, inspecting and maintaining fire detection and suppression systems, installing and certifying complex security and fire systems and connected services such as the remote monitoring of life safety systems.

Our Journey

Since 2016, Marlowe plc has acquired over 25 businesses for the fire life safety and security specialist division, Marlowe Fire & Security Group.