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In 2020, Morgan Fire Protection was acquired by Marlowe plc, a UK leader in specialist services which assure the safety and regulatory compliance of commercial properties, whilst managing risk for businesses across the country.

About Marlowe plc

Established in 2016, Marlowe plc is a well-established London Stock Exchange listed company which was formed to build a group of the leading specialists in their field with a vision to become the UK’s most trusted name in the provision of regulated safety & compliance services.

Marlowe delivers health & safety, software, HR & employment law and occupational health compliance, risk & compliance software, fire safety & security, water treatment & hygiene, air testing & quality – all of which are vital to the wellbeing of our customers’ operations and are invariably governed by stringent regulation.

Marlowe’s unique strength is that it provides a range of closely related regulated inspection, testing and technology-enabled compliance services each of which is delivered by one of our specialist divisions.

Individually, these businesses are leaders in their fields but together form a group that can provide our customers with a comprehensive and integrated approach to their safety, regulatory compliance and the upkeep of the building systems they rely on. That means more convenience, better across the board compliance, greater consistency and the benefits of a trusted in-depth relationship.

More importantly, our size, range and extensive national footprint gives our customers the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they can rely on Marlowe to deliver those mission critical services that are so vital to them every day of the year in every part of the UK.

The Marlowe business philosophy

Marlowe was formed to create sustainable shareholder value through the growth and development of businesses that provide regulated compliance services.

Our decentralised operating model gives our businesses considerable autonomy within a disciplined and well-defined strategic framework.

Our managers are empowered to make the decisions that they need to grow their businesses in their markets.

Our model seeks to enable our companies to retain the agility of entrepreneurial private businesses whilst providing them with the resources of a much larger listed company, to help them unlock their potential and stewards their rapid growth in a way that ensures that all of the key stakeholders are focused on value creation.

Become Part of Marlowe plc

Marlowe plc is always looking for quality fire and security companies to join it’s growing Division. For more information, view our Annual Report & Financial Statements and Acquisition Guide below.