The Legal Requirement

Morgan Fire Protection can assist your company in providing clear signs and notices to meet the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Our suppliers provide signage in line with the following regulations:  BS5499; BS EN ISOs 7010 and 16069 relating to the design, manufacture, selection and installation of signage and BS17398 relating to performance and durability. Morgan Fire can supply and install fire safety signage in conjunction with the fire protection services we offer, as well as health and safety signage.

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The Codes of Practice include recommendations for the use of high level, intermediate and low locations signs and markings to ensure there is an uninterrupted safety sign system to aid an efficient and safe evacuation of the building. The Codes also reflect best practice and show how to use safety signs in a standardised manner to ensure consistent application throughout a particular environment or an entire organisation.  


Photoluminescent Identification

Photoluminescent signs provide a cost effective solution to delivering an illuminated sign system in the event of power failure. To obtain maximum photoluminescent intensity, signs are placed as close as possible to an existing light source.  


Directional, Final Exit & Means of Escape

BS EN ISOs 7010 and 16069, BS5499 Part 4 and BS5266 require the use of standard graphical symbol and appropriate directional arrow for an effective escape route signing system. The use of photoluminescent escape route signing will ensure the evacuation system can be located in power loss darkness or if smoke has obscured the ceiling luminaires. Consideration many also be given to the use of these signs at low level to support low proximity escape route illumination system.


Mandatory Door Signs

We can supply a full range of signs to provide specific instructions concerning fire doors. These are used to identify and locate fire equipment from several directions.


Extinguisher Identification

In case of fire it is essential that fire fighting equipment is readily available to be used as a first response. For this reason such equipment needs to be located quickly and easily. Permanent signs must be used at all times and placed at the location of each piece of equipment and at the correct height. In a situation where the equipment and location signs are directly obstructed from the line of vision, another sign is required to inform the location of the equipment. We offer a range of extinguisher mounting boards to identify your fire extinguisher and instruct in its use. Morgan Fire technicians supply and install signage to BS EN 3 in relation to colour coding and BS EN ISO 7010 in relation to  signs.


Fire Equipment

Rigid PVC, S/A vinyl and photoluminescent signs to identify, locate and instruct in the use of fire equipment, portable equipment and fixed systems.


Fire Action

A full range of signs to provide specific instructions concerning access to means of escape and procedure in the event of fire.


Fire alarm control panel & call point signage

Morgan Fire offers regional fire alarm installation and servicing to BS5939 Part 1: 2017. Signage can be provided to BS BS 5499 Part 10:2014 and BS EN ISO 7010 which covers the graphical symbol. For fire alarm systems you will require a control panel sign to be located with the alarm panel, and a fire action notice and call point sign with each call point. Please contact Morgan Fire if you require assistance with your order using the Quick Enquiry form above.