The Legal Requirement

The Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety) 2005 and the associated Health & Safety legislation place an obligation on employers to ensure that their staff receive adequate fire safety training at the time when they are first employed and on there being increased or  changed risks. The level and frequency of staff fire training is determined by the type, use and risk presented.

Morgan Fire Protection can advise you on the most suitable training programme for your employees.

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Course Content

All courses are delivered by Morgan Fire training staff who are fully qualified fire engineers. Training can be exclusively in-house or shared with other employers at an appropriate venue. All courses aim to ensure that employees feel confident in their role in a fire emergency. A certificate of attendance will be issued on completion.

Fire Extinguisher Users Training (2 or 2.5 hours with practical*)

Delegates will be able to understand compliance with the Regulatory Reform Order, identify potential fire risks, know which extinguisher is appropriate for which type of fire, use portable extinguishers safely and understand compliance with British Standard EN3 regarding the use of fire extinguishers.

Fire Awareness/Safety Training 3 hours with practical*)

In addition to the objectives of Fire Extinguisher training above, delegates will be able to identify factors that can prevent fire in the workplace, have an understanding of fire detection and alarm systems, understand fire signage and evacuation procedures.

PlanFire Marshal & Warden Training (3.5 hours with practical*)

In addition to all the above, this course is designed for all levels of staff who have responsibility of fire marshal/warden duties, and who may also be required to operate fire extinguishers safely.

* During the practical session, delegates will have the opportunity of putting out a ‘live fire’ using the fire simulator and water, foam, carbon dioxide extinguishers and fire blanket. An outside area of 3m x 3m is essential and space to park our vehicle closeby. Timings are approximate.