Training is Essential

//Training is Essential

Training is Essential

On Monday 12th December, Morgan Fire employees attended in-house fire training at our Head Office in Nazeing, Essex. The training was conducted by our very own instructor 2017-01-16_1339Peter Thompson. This session was attended by around 10 members of staff from a variety of departments including accounts and marketing as well as Director Tanita Creasey.

The course that was chosen for us was the Fire Marshal & Warden Training which covered all bases from understanding compliance with the Regulatory Reform Order, knowing which fire extinguisher to use on different types of fire, how to prevent fires, understanding evacuation procedures and ultimately how to use a fire extinguisher effectively and properly which we had demonstrated to us in the practical.

All the information we learnt on this course can easily be applied to real life situations. For2017-01-16_1339_001 example recently one of our fire extinguisher engineers Robert who is based in Scotland had come home to the smell of electrical burning in his house. Upon investigation he found that his tumble dryer had caught fire due to a pillow being put in the dryer in error. He was able to evacuate his cleaner who was in the house at the time and then managed to put out the fire with a CO2 extinguisher and multiple foam extinguishers resulting in about 6 extinguishers being used in total. If a person without fire training had discovered the fire it may have been a very different story.

Morgan Fire offers fire extinguisher training and fire awareness training courses for staff and fire marshals, with optional training rig. Please contact Pauline Adams on direct line 01992 897622 or email for a quotation or further information.

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