As the date of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU is rapidly approaching, the uncertainty around Brexit continues to present a significant challenge for the business community.

Although no business can plan with full certainty on the final Brexit negotiation outcomes, Morgan Fire Protection is committed to supporting our customers in any reasonable way necessary to ensure the continued flow of goods and information in these extraordinary times.

Supply Chain & Materials

As a market leading fire life safety and security service provider and key member of the Marlowe Fire & Security Group of companies, we have access to an extensive and diverse supply chain, governed by and incorporated into our Business Continuity Strategy. Our Business Continuity Strategy ensures that should one supplier fail us, for any reason, we have an alternative route to the product we specify.

Morgan Fire Protection source solely from distribution and manufacturer partners within the UK and we do not make purchases direct from the EU or outside of the EU.

However, we do recognise that many of the products we supply are sourced from outside of the UK.

As such, we have been working with our Key Supply Chain Partners to ensure minimum disruption for our customers and continuation of our supply routes. We have specifically been reviewing in detail their Brexit Strategy and preparation to ensure that our supply chain will not be affected by the unknown consequences of Brexit. The information we have received identifies minimal impact on our Supply Chain process.

Activities our Supply Chain Partners have undertaken include, pre-import of a UK based buffer stock and extended agreements with non UK based manufacturers. In addition, Marlowe Fire & Security Group took the precautionary step of increasing stock levels to provide us with 2 months extra of normalised stock rotation. All product is correctly labelled and CE marked.


Morgan Fire Protection do not employ labour from outside of the UK, therefore we have assessed the risk of Brexit on our labour activities and can foresee no risk to the provision of our service delivery.

We will continue to closely evaluate the progress of the UK’s negotiations with the EU (insofar as it affects our business operations and those of our customers) and communicate regularly with our Supply Chain Partners to ensure we have the most up to date information available, and to keep our customers informed of any changes in potential impact.

Our focus is to offer continuity of service and supply to all our customers. We are confident that going in to 2021 we will be suitably prepared to continue to deliver all projects and service in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Thank you for your continued support and if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.