Herts Building & Construction Awards nomination

Celebrating the best of building, construction and engineering in Hertfordshire, the Hertfordshire Building and Construction Awards recognise the best of tradesmen, building, engineering, innovations and construction works which have taken place in Hertfordshire.

Why Morgan Fire Protection were nominated

Morgan Fire manages several significant contracts for building companies across the UK. These contracts involve a large number of fire extinguishers and mobile call points.  Fire protection equipment for building sites is often in transit, whether being moved from Morgan Fire warehousing to a building site, moved around the building site or being returned to MFP warehousing for storage between building projects. When on site the equipment is usually outside, exposed to the elements and in dusty and dirty surroundings. The equipment itself is expensive, notably the mobile fire alarm call points, which are used to site fire extinguishers and wireless fire alarms on trolleys. Due to the nature of these trolleys, as well as being kept in exposed conditions, when an item of fire equipment was removed they were liable to topple over.  The issue of signing the equipment was also unsatisfactory and various methods had been used in the past so that customers/users would know what to do, and which appliance to use, should the equipment be required in an emergency.

Morgan Fire technician’s manager, John Stabrawa, became increasingly aware of these issues and along with Managing Director, Paul Creasey, researched and project-managed a solution from design to manufacturer and application.  The solution has been welcomed by our building industry customers as it represents a simple, cost efficient and highly effective solution.  The new product takes the form of a rigid, resilient plastic cover, and the new signboard fits the stands/trolleys more effectively than any other product we are aware of across the industry. Our customer can see the cost savings, with fewer equipment replacements being needed through accidental damage or wear and tear.

The new product was developed at Morgan Fire’s expense, and has been adopted initially by Mace and Volkerfitzpatrick. Initial signs are that the product is very effective and our customers have given very positive feedback.

This innovation did not involve a change to contract or reward from our customers.  There was a mutual benefit from the strong, shared relationships to lead us to invest in the project and then bring into use, and the ability of our management team to demonstrate the potential benefits to our customers and secure partnerships in the product development.

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