Emergency Lighting

The Legal Requirement

Where necessary to safeguard people, emergency routes and exits requiring artificial illumination must be provided with emergency lighting of adequate intensity in case the normal lighting fails (e.g. during a fire). Where there are defined escape routes, the relevant parts of BS5266 now require a luminance level of one lux on the centre line of the escape route.

Morgan Fire Protection can advise you on the extent of protection your business requires from emergency lighting to meet the required standard.

Bulkhead Style Units and Accessories

BSI Certificated to BS EN60598-I:1993, BS EN 4533- 102.22:1990 and BS EN 60924:1991 All supplied complete with lamps.

Twin Spots

BSI Certificated to BSEN 60598-2-22:1999 Self contained high quality robust steel cased twin spot fittings for interior applications. Supplied with 2 x 12 volt 7ah sealed lead acid batteries

This is just a sample of the emergency lighting products we offer.

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